A Trip Down Memory Lane

Our quest to bring Central Roast to the market stemmed from the desire to bring functionally healthy foods to as many snackers as possible. For far too long playgrounds, lunch boxes and briefcases have been dominated by snacks saturated with refined sugars, unhealthy fats, chemical preservatives, artificial colours, flavours and too much salt. The snacking revolution is here, and we are the flag-bearers. We offer you and your family a full line of all natural snack foods, from organic cashews to artisanal dry-roasted tamari almonds, because quality, taste and nutrition, is Central.

“Life is too short to not eat good snacks!”

What this means for you

We strive to get better every single day, and we are continuously on a journey to improve our mark on the world, on the environment, and in our bellies.


You are what you eat so we make food that you’ll feel good about – regardless if you’re on a strict diet or a snack binge. We love what we do, and why we do it, and are happy to share our joy with others.


Our diverse range of products and formats offer something for every person, craving, occasion, dietary restriction, and culture.


“Don’t eat this!” “Don’t eat that!” The food world as we know it can be over-complicated. That’s why we’re on a journey to keep things simple. Simple in our assortment, simple in our ingredients, simple in our navigation.


What you see is what you get. We are as transparent as can be, and strive to be part of our customers’ very real lives. Our products are approachable, not aspirational. Our photos are real, not staged. Our food is real, not artificial.


Life’s too short to be serious. We can laugh at ourselves, and make sure we’re part of the fun! We have FOMO and JOMO.